For Starters

This is shamefully annoying. After several months of being in hiatus, I’m back to my blog again. I’m annoyed because this blog just proves what a loser I am at finishing anything I start. I created this site two years ago, and I haven’t been religious in my writing regimen. 

Well, to my credit, I still keep a journal, and I occasionally jot down thoughts on paper, on table napkins, on photocopies, et cetera et cetera. But but but. 

I never completely understood the concept behind appetizers or starters. I mean, what are they supposed to do? Oh right, they’re supposed to stimulate your taste buds so your tongue would be jumping on its feet when the main course arrives. And and and, the appetizer should not make you full. It merely foils the entrance of the superstar: the main entree.

The point is, I should stop overthinking this writing-and-publishing thing. Who cares if I’m dishing out too much appetizer? Eventually, the main dish is going to arrive anyway. And, truth be told,, I like my salads more than my steaks. 


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