Trust Me, I did not forget your birthday :)

I did not want to be the crappy friend who just posted a one- liner greeting on your time. At the same time, I also did not have enough time to something grand yesterday. So yeah. Hahaha (sorry, it’s all about me!)

Happy birthday Len! From being annoyed for having to sit behind you in some classes during first year (because you’re too tall to be in the front row!), I’m glad we were required to sit beside each other because of our last names. I remember our first conversation was when I butt in your discussion with Marianne about Naruto. Imagine how that conversation evolved into more conversations (even during an entire movie(sorry Nicole Kidman)) and memorable moments.Let’s make new ones please, we haven’t had them lately.

If words were food, I’m sure you will be one of the worst obese cases ever.

I hope 20 is just a number for you. And I wish you enjoyed your birthday amid the crazy world of balancing your acads and social life ehem. And and and, you did not miss us too much right? Haha.

You are a book yourself and I hope you never get tired of writing new chapters, whether it be in ink or experiences. And more importantly, you so so deserve to be read, you have one hell of a story to tell. Naks.


Happy birthday Len! Hope this is not too sabaw for you. See you soon mwa mwah hugs hugs hahaha


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