Stumbled- upon Memory

I was writing for my class paper a while ago; we were supposed to share our own interpretation of what ‘serendipity’ is in relation to the story we discussed in class. It was tempting to write about the more dramatic events of my life, and to pepper the write-up with profound thoughts about life and survival. While weighing the possibilities of having to write about a past tragedy and how our family survived it, I ‘stumbled upon’ a high school memory and decided to write about it instead. So here it is (hope I don’t get in trouble for this):

Of Coincidence and Magic*

            When I look back and reminisce about my high school days, I often find myself more amused than nostalgic. Back then, every memory seemed precious and genuine, but in retrospect, I realized how I have romanticized too many a moment to the point of being corny. Nonetheless, I am amazed that what I could have labeled as a coincidence now, I thought was magical back then.

It was my junior year, and we were celebrating our homeroom Christmas party. During that time, I had this huge crush on a senior. I used to get really quiet and awkward in his presence but eventually, we became friends and I could talk to him normally. That December, I could say that we were quite close already. On the day of the Christmas party, my friends teased me and asked if he gave me a gift for Christmas. I told them he has not, and I wasn’t expecting anyway.

After the respective homerooms concluded their Christmas parties and exchange gifts, the students stayed on campus and waited for the annual Lantern Parade. It was already late in the afternoon then when I felt my feet ache because of the sandals I was wearing. It was unbearable; I even thought of not joining the Lantern Parade, but I was worried because I might have to stay in the room alone. My classmates suggested that I wear slippers, but when I looked for someone who can lend me, no one had extra. So I left our room, and asked my friends from the other classes.

When I came across one of my crush’s classmates in the hallway, I asked her if she had an extra pair of slippers she could lend me. She answered, “You haven’t received (insert Crush’s name here)’s gift yet? Get it from him.” A few minutes later, I got a text from him to go to their room because he was going to give me something.

That Christmas, the best gift I received was a pair of bright yellow slippers. 🙂

*this is the actual content of the paper I am going to pass in class on Tuesday. So much for pretentious existential conclusions and intellectual musings. 😛


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