They will NOT believe You

.. when you tell people that you are already twenty years old, when in fact, you’ve already been twenty in the last few hours. And because today is your special day, I’m giving you a gift wrapped in words and good writing (because these are the most accessible to me as of the moment).
Here are twenty random things I remember about you, me, high school, college, and well, about the portion of your twenty years I got to witness 🙂

1. You wanted to be an astronaut when you were younger. I think you still do.

2. You are a mean athlete. Anyone ever saw you serve a ping- pong ball, spike a volleyball or dunk a basketball (well, this last one is definitely an exaggeration, forgive my imagination) would definitely volunteer to be head cheerleader of your fans club. (Now, we know why your crush stats go up come September ;))
3. You are attracted to the moon.

4. We were ‘accidental” or required to be friends, you, me and Esther. We were always seatmates  during first year because of our surnames.

5. Your hidden talent is singing. So please only unhide it when you’re convinced the people you’re with people genuinely love you no matter what. Joke lang meg. But to compensate, you are a bombshell dancer. (Yuck, did i just use bombshell?) You are seriously the best dancer ever 🙂
6. We were the first to find out we passed UPCAT!

and the one I went to EK with (during a very weird invitation)

and went to EK (during a very weird invitation, mind you)

7. You don’t finish your food most of the time. Haha.
8. You started FIKE’s sensitivity to “joy-joy” moments.fike back 9. You do realize you were one of the four presidents in high school, and all four of us compose the top 4? Haha.
10. You “wanna know what love is (Geronimo, circa jeje)”. Chos.
11. We used to not talk when we were secretly pissed off with each other in the early morning classes, and pretend nothing happened come recess time. Aminin. Haha
12. I know  a lot of your crazy secrets and unKin deeds.
13. You know a lot of my crazy secrets and unIrish deeds.

as this picture suggests

as this picture suggests

 14. You owned a hamster during the zoo days of high school.
15. You won 1st place in our Running competition in PE, but well, we know what happened to your grade then 😛
16. You are a die- hard fan. The ultimate fangirl.
17. You have a gaydar. (This is how it works: you get attracted to the guy, and that’s how we know he is or will be likely gay) Joke Kin, we really love you! Swear :*
18.Most of these things are high school stuff.
19. Which means, we aren’t making much college memories no?
20. But you still remain to be one of my dearest, bestest friends, and we really have to talk soon I’m back by the way what.

Happy birthday Kin! You are a special person and you deserve all the love you are getting and more. I thank God for you and for our surviving friendship and confidante-ship ❤ Excited for you and the life of the line of twos. don’t worry, You’re part of the club tha Fro has been in last year pa, and Esther is just starting to enjoy the membership perks i think. I’ll be joining you in a few months.  Here.

I love you dai!

kin and me


P.s. Seriously, we have to do better than bump into each other in random places in AS and what-not 🙂

P.s. 2 And if you are wondering what the gift wrapped in words et cetera is. It is the collection of memories and remembrances, my friend. Yes, because I am profound, cheesy, and broke like that. And when else can we get all mushy and sweet, but on birthdays, right? 🙂


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