Yesterday was Your Graduation

Yesterday, you finally graduated from high school.

Yesterday, after four years of hard work and challenges, you got your diploma.

Yesterday, you remembered how difficult the journey has been, especially your senior year, but you survived it.

Yesterday, your graduation was attended by Mama, Ted, and tita.



Yesterday, Papa, Toto, and I were too far away to be able to go to your graduation ceremonies— but we would have badly wanted to be there if it was possible.

Yesterday, you must have reflected on how faithful and generous God has been in your life, how His love and affection for you g

ot you through it all.

Yesterday, I know you shed tears of joy and victory and maybe sadness.

Yesterday, you must know I was very proud of you. And I still am. And I will always be.

You have been very strong and I hope you never forget the lessons that high school taught you. I won’t tell you what college is about, it’s a whole new adventure waiting to be discovered.

Your faith and dedication for God continues to inspire me. Do what you love doing. Remember, I am just a text or message away. I love you.


Congratulations, Aya! ❤ You’ve made us all proud.


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