“If there is an…

“If there is any tenderness to my heart, it has come through its being broken.
If anything of worth flows through my soul, it flows out of a desert.
If there is any trustworthiness to my mind, it was forged on the anvil of doubt.
If my actions seem vigorous, they originated in blindness and frailty.
If there is depth to any of my relationships, it has come through wounding.”
– Embracing the Mysterious God; James Emery White

These lines spoke to me so much I felt like I could have been the one writing them. I finally finished reading the book, after more than a year of attempting to. Thank you to the team who gave it to me during Square One 2011, to the author who chose to allow God to work through him, and to the Great Author, the God who gave the gift of language.


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