If the World did End…

… I would have had an extraordinary last year on earth. 🙂 Looking back and reviewing the year 2012 showed me just how extravagant the love given to me. So many memories and experiences to be grateful for:


Happy New Year everyone! I cannot recall anything significant about this year except, well, that it just turned 2012!


Went to Laiya, Batangas and climbed Mt. Daguldol for Camping class. Best PE ❤ Also, the place was just breathtakingly beautiful I wanted to stay there forever. A marriage of the beach and the mountain. Blogged about this. (http://iamirishjoy.blogspot.com/2012/02/unloading.html)


I reached the summit yey! (Laiya, Batangas)


Sportsfest with DebSoc. So much fun! Imagine college people playing patintero, Dr. Quack-quack and you get the picture. MAC won in charades. yey


a tangle of arms during the Dr. Quack2 game (Kalingking’s Subdivision Covered Court)

Sem-ender with Heyday at Garcia’s residence. Wish I was able to enjoy the pool, but I didn’t. This was the first real sem-ender we had as a housechurch. It was refreshing us doing something spontaneous and relaxing. (Yeah, because we’re all pretty intense y’know.)


Jas and I aboard the water raft (Garcia’s residence, Casa Milan)


Guimaras escapade with elementary classmates. 3 days of food, beach and fun. Ericson hosted us in his lola’s house. I’ll never forget this, Guimaras is one special place for me.


Jason, Renzel, Kevin, Josh, me, Katryn, Yvonne (Buenavista, Guimaras)

The summer I turned curly. :3 Very impulsive on my part because I was just supposed to get a normal shaggy haircut. Sometimes, spontaneity pays off 😉


early morning vanity (At home)


Summer overnight with highschool classmates at Leeh’s place. First time for us to sleep over as a group because we never did that back in highschool. I almost drowned in the pool, too embarrassing. Haha.


tonight, we are young (Maasin Plaza, Maasin)


Start of my junior year. Busy for the DebSoc app process. Also, this was the month when Papa went home to the Philippines for vacation. Lots of Papa time..or not really. But was really grateful I got to spend time with him because we’ve been waiting for his arrival since summer.   


Alone at the UPDS Booth (School of Economics, UP Diliman)


So many orientations and seminars organized as MAC. As usual, crazy days and much time spent with Debsoc on these days. But at the end of every activity, we always had fun!


After the Buddy Bidding. So who’s photobombing? (SE 127)

My 19th year! Spent my birthday home alone because there was a storm. Stillwo gave me a Japanese birthday. Yum! Felt great to be remembered and appreciated (though I was not in a good mood before the surprise ;))


Happy Birthday to me! (AS 2nd floor)


Amansinaya Adventure thanks to Ate Von! This was her birthday gift to me, and woe me, I was to go on my Bali trip the next day. But hardheaded me, instead of resting, I went with the ates and kuyas on this trip. Didn’t regret this at all. First time on the zipline!


With the ates and kuyas at the infinity pool (Amansinaya, Batangas)

Student Congress 3 in Bali!!!!! This is what made my 2012 really unforgettable. My highlight of the year. First time out of the country, and I have to stop talking about this because I would just gush non-stop. 😛  If I sum this up, it’s EAT PRAY LOVE. God, Your love is extravagant :’) ❤ (http://iamirishjoy.blogspot.com/2012/09/random.html)


SEA SC3 delegates (Bali, Indonesia)


First date of the many dates I would have with my brother before he left for the US for apprenticeship. I treated him to lunch and coffee afterwards. This was important for me because I guess, after a long period of strained relationship my brother and I had, I can say that we’re in a better place right now. He’s cooler now. I think :)))


After lunch coffee with Toto (Coffee Break, Cubao)


Sembreak! My first time to go home. Sulit na sulit na family time. Bonding time with my sister and brothers. And mom of course. First time in a long time that the house was actually harmonious.


photobooth with Aya

Almost FLICKEN. Lunch and karaoke. Nerruh moments never fail to make me laugh out loud. Literally.


Renzel, Ann, Nikko, Esther, me, Mar, Tian, Lenny (Plazuela, Iloilo)


Reunited with my Ilonngo Co-journers before my flight back to Manila. (when in fact, we’d see each other again in one month for the Phil. Student Congress hihi) Got to walk around CPU campus and appreciate my would-have-been-school. Mealtime again, got to catch up and share stories. Meaningful way to end the semester break.


Merienda with Jonah and Mariel 🙂 (Perry Todds, Jaro)

Lots of mealtme this month actually. It’s a wonder that this was the month I started losing weight because of hyper-acidity 😦 which meant I wasn’t able to enjoy food as much as I did. Pancake House and Flaming Wings meals with Heyday leaders. An abundant way of starting the second semester \m/


After-meeting dinner with Heyday leaders plus ate Rai (Flaming Wings, Katipunan)

More bonding! Birthday ni Jarev. Danced in public, ate a lot, slept a little, laughed so much, lost my voice. Well, almost. Bliss.


Mudslide pool with Heyday and new friends (Alfonso, Cavite)


Roller-coaster month for me. Evangelism memories, first ice-skating, experience, Lantern Parade and Meteor sightings, overnight at Xathy;s, Heyday Christmas Party, and Congress of course. So much memories for so short a month.


Reunion with co-delegates: Daryll, Simon, Xathy, Jonah, Cha, me (RRC, Laguna)


Philippine Student Congress Design Team (RRC, Laguna)

If my 2012 would be defined by one striking feature, it would be the abundance of tears shed. Tears of joy, tears of sorrow, tears of gratitude and awe. But mostly, just tears of the humbling truth that I am greatly, abundantly, extravagantly loved by the One who matters the most.

And that is why, 2012 may be ending, but I’m sure, life has just started. It always is starting.

A year is, after all, just an accumulation of days.

Let’s celebrate each day. Happy every day! Here’s me hoping every day of of your every month would matter. 😉

Sige na nga. Happy New Year!!!!!


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