I haven’t posted in a long time. A lot of things have been happening and it seems as if I can no longer keep up and putting them into words is becoming a chore for me. So while I am lagging and trying to load properly, I’ll share some great things I’m coming across lately. 

I opened the file that our professor in Stylistics sent us. The poems will serve as readings for our discussion in class later. Here’s the first poem on the list:



Close all open things, Lord.
Open all closed things.

All those who have long received, let them give.
All those who have long given, let them receive.
All those too long apart, let them come together.
All those too long together, sunder them.

Let the wise be fools for once, Lord,
And let the fools speak their minds.
Affirm the long-denied, Lord.
Fulfill the unfulfilled.

-Francisco Arcellana


What did you pray for today? Tell me about it 🙂



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