For a Brother on His Birthday

Today you are eighteen.

You can vote. 

You can get in jail.

You can get married (at least with parents’ consent).

You can move out of your house (at least if you live in America).

You can do so many more things.

You are an adult now.

And I might joke about it, but yes please drive extra carefully now. (Haha, sorry sermon pa rin no. I still think you have awesome driving skills. As long as I’m not in the passenger seat 😀 )

You may be younger than I am, but I have seen a maturity in you that I seldom see in men of this world. You continue to amaze me, and other people, with how you are struggling with God, and how you still choose him, even when it is difficult. Especially when it is difficult.

You’ve allowed us to witness how God worked in your life, and how you are allowing Him to transform you into a man who wants to please God more than he wants to please people. You are generous, not only with what you have, but also with your stories, and your stories always bless me (most of the time anyway if you know what i mean).

Thank you for being a brother, a leader, a friend and an authority to me. Other than the fact that we both usually like the same food (which comes in handy a lot of times), I also thank you for teaching me a lot of things and making us do things we wouldn’t have normally done. And for giving me a glimpse of home because you understand Hiligaynon, and that makes me feel like Iloilo’s not so far away (Si Joa di marunong so ayan, ikaw na winner in this aspect naks). And lots of other things. That I would tell you when we talk again (cause I’m mysterious that way HAHAHAHA).

I pray that you always remember to rest in His love, and ask for His approval above all others. May you experience His care as a Father, His guidance as a Brother, His instruction as a Master, his company and faithfulness as a Friend, and His perfect love as a Lover. I hope that all of these overflow so that you may share it with others, especially those who haven’t known of these things yet.

But seriously bro, you rock, and you’re cool just being Jarev. You’re cooler now, because you are Jarev with God 😉

So wag ka nang mag-aspire maging you-know-what-i-mean. God wouldn’t love you less even if you aren’t you-know-what-i-mean 🙂 We wouldn’t love you less. At si ano rin. Tee-hee.

Yan, this is the best gift I can give. at least for now. Featured ka pa sa blog ko, diba? :))




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