When Passion Feeds

In the past few months, I’ve finished four Christian books: What Good is God (Philip Yancey), The True Vine (Andrew Murray), The Weight of Glory (CS Lewis; not really a full book though), and It’s Not about Me (Max Lucado).


I’ve always loved reading. I devour books, and if they were food, I’d be so shamelessly obese right now. However, I’ve always found it difficult to read Christian books. I think it’s because I have a mentality that they are prescriptive in nature. I was never a big fan of prescriptivist writing. Especially when you have titles like these:


* N Steps to Become X

* How to know if you’re a Y (well, anything that begins with a How i.e. “How to be, How can etc”)

* Achieve W in E steps


Yeah, I’m stereotyping here. When I entered college and expanded my circle of Christian family, I was exposed to even more Christian publication, I even get lots of gifts that are books. Yet, I never found the time to start reading them, or finishing one. In fact, one of the four books I mentioned was given to me last year, and I just read it two months ago 😐

I realized that maybe pride has to something to do with it. I subconsciously resisted more instruction because I feel like I already know and understand them. Why tell me things I already know? It really bothered me before why I found it difficult to read books discussing faith and God. Especially because I read a lot of books that don’t. And I enjoy them. It’s frustrating that my passion for books does not extend to those books that could have helped me to know more about God and His plans for me.

I’m amazed with how the four books have been a tremendous help to me. I’m glad and grateful with how God chose them especially for me. The first step is, as they say, always the most difficult. I’m happy I took that first step of opening the first pages. I was able to experience the satisfaction of being proven wrong. These books rock!

It is a wonderful thing, language. And how it can express, and create, and impact. And how it can speak the longings and reveal the depths of the heart. And books can contain them. And if they were food, I am so wonderfully full right now. 



(The Bible is still the ultimate Book for me the ultimate source of wisdom and feeding :), I’m really glad though how books are also extensions to see God’s glory revealed. Hopefully, I can talk about the books I mentioned and how they helped me 😉 )


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