Heart-y Breakfast with Joanna

This lady who never fails to make me smile at my most agitated moods. After almost a semester of not being able to talk properly, we were able to schedule a date. And because I believe that kung gusto palaging merong paraan, we had to squeeze that date on  a Saturday morning.

So on a week-end, I had to wake up at six am, and rode the LRT to Katipunan. In spite of my massive effort to be really early and arrive ahead of Joa, she was still the first one to arrive in our meeting place. We ordered two big breakfasts, good enough to last us the whole day. In retrospect, I guess those breakfast meals served to fuel us for the four hours we consumed on that date. Tee-hee.

The date happened weeks ago, and looking back, I realized how very enlightening that 4 hour-date was. She shared to me how God revealed to her many things during her most difficult times, and I never expected that God would speak to me through her. I was reminded of how God loves, how God jealously loves, and how God generously loves. It was refreshing listening to Joanna talk about her reflections, and I am so blessed to have been the recipient of such a  wonderful story and to be a sister of an even more wonderful and wiser lady. God revealed to me, as He often does, how intelligent He is, how masterfully He carries out His plans.

I loved the fact that my conversation with Joanna was just in perfect timing, how God prepared her to understand me at that point in time (wink wink), and how God’s work in her life spoke to me about my inner struggles with life. And love.

I’ve been mentioning a lot of hows without meaning to. My date with Joanna highlighted God’s answer to a question I have been struggling with for a long time. (Yes, I have to ask you to bear with me on this one :P)

Why love? And why be loved in return?

Because God is love. It’s as parsimoniously evident as that. Because we are merely vessels, mere channels of the wonderfully perfect love He gives. Because He loves us, and the love we receive from and give to people is not ours, not theirs, but His. Because, as 2 Corinthians 13 would tell us, everything is nothing, without love.

And why wouldn’t you want that? Why wouldn’t I want THAT?

And yes, that is what breakfast dates do to me. 😛

(Thank you Joa dear for the date :)) sa uulitin!)

-inspired by Kenny Roger’s Big Breakfast (Katipunan; Oct. 6, 2012)


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