It really amazes me what food can do to conversations. And how food plays a big role in my life. So big that sometimes, it can be such a stumbling block. Yesterday though was different.

We (my groupmates and I) finally reported on our topic in our Morphology and Syntax class. It has been a frustrating week because of the report. Quite difficult to understand everything, though i think it really had to do with the fact that the symbols used were very algebraic. Swear! Imagine how an English major would react when confronted with ‘x’ and alpha signs. Anyway, we got through it and survived. Finally.

Then I met with Eric afterwards to talk to him about business. Hooray for eating time! He asked me what I wanted to eat, so I decided to choose pizza. I picked the whole pizza;I gave one slice to a kid, shared the two other slices with him (minus the mushrooms for him because he doesn’t like them), and the rest was all mine. I love food. We talked about a lot of things, mostly about what I needed to discuss with him. Plus the snippets of profound questions and education. And because it was Eric, it took me the whole pizza to get to the bottom of things. And I guess I was able to ask him the right questions. Finally! We had a conversation that was not cohesive, but I’d like to believe that it was coherent for both of us. I hope. Tee-hee. Then, a surprise ice cream treat. Yum! Thank God for Eric and his generosity for feeding a poor, hungry, matakaw girl named Irish. 🙂

switching two words will make this true for me 😛

Finally, I had the long-overdue dinner that I’ve been wanting to have with my awesome, powerful friends  Later that day, at around 6:30 I received an impromptu text invite from Div. She asked Karla and I to have dinner with her. It was really funny how we ended up in Thub KFC. Karla had to wait long in Vinzons, Div had to go back to UP from Katipunan, and I, well I didn’t really know what I did. Haha. Then, the one who took our order seemed to e going through some difficult times, and ended up mixing up Div’s orders. And a lot of other things. Anyway, we were able to catch up on each other, though a longer time and a better KFC service would have made the time with them extra heartwarming. Nevertheless, I was really glad to spend that time with Karla and Divine. After dinner,instead of going back to Katipunan with Div, I rode the bus with her  to Cubao. Yay for extended conversations.

Then I went home and felt so tired but grateful for the warmth of being full and feeling loved.

Lately, my Fridays always disappoint me and make me lonely. I’ve been hoping for a great Friday to come.

Finally. :))))

(Thank You Lord for showing Your Friend side through other people. Love lots!)


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